Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - March 1867 The World of Fashion

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - March 1867 The World of Fashion Description of the Plates of Costumes Fig 1 - Ball Costume Dress a deux jupes, the first skirt is of light blue silk or satin; the second is of Honiton lace, or rich guipure. Low body of blue silk, cut square, the angles rounded; over this is a loose body of lace to match the second skirt; it is rounded in the front and fastened by a bouquet of roses: the sleeves are formed by a drapery of very fine muslin, caught up in front of arm by a single rose. Ceinture en echarpe of blue silk, folded double round the waist, tied loosely on the left side in a large bow with long ends, which are trimmed with lace, and forming, in fact, the only ornament on the lace skirt. Fig 2 - Ball Costume Dres a deux jupes; the first skirt, en traine, is of cerise silk; the second is of white muslin bouillonnee, the bouillons fastened by Marguerites having gold centres and relieved by a few leaves. Peplum of cerise silk, the points at the side being very long; it is trimmed entirely round by two rows of gold galloon, the points finished by gold tassels. Body of white muslin with short full sleeves; revers a pointe of cerise silk, trimmed with gold galloon, the points finished by gold tassels: a pointed epaulette of cerise silk, trimmed to correspond, falls over the full short sleeve. This very elegant costume is by Mme. Charpentier, 38, Rue Richelieu. Fig 3 - Opera or Ball Costume Dress of light green satin, and Sortie de bal of white Cashmere: the form is something resembling the Talma, except that the bottom edge is hollowed at the back so as to form deep points at the sides: it is bordered by a gold fringe headed by three rows of gold galloon. Instead of capuchon or hood, a square piece of Cashmere falls from the shoulders, trimmed to correspond with the bottom of mantle: the front edges are finished by the three rows of gold galloon, the fastening at the neck being a gold cord and tassels. This stylish Sortie de bal is from the Maison Paris, Boulevard des Capucines.

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