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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - March 1867 The World of Fashion

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - March 1867 The World of Fashion Description of the Plates of Costumes No. 1 is a Bonnet of pink Areophane, covered by fullings of white tulle and edged round by narrow white lace. At the top a plume of white feathers, fastened by a pearl brooch. Brides of white tulle, fastened at the ears and under the chin by pearl clasps. Loose strings of pink silk. It is by Mme. Delanoue, Rue Richelieu. No. 2 is a Cap of white guipure lace, trimmed with violet velvet. It is designed by Aubrey Soeurs, Rue Lafitte. No. 3 is a Bonnet of white crepe, edged all round by a pearl crystal fringe. At the top is a circlet of pink ribbon, egded on one side by a row of pearls. Strings of pink satin, attached to the bonnet by a group of leaves, and three pearl clasps on each side. It is from the Maison Paillard & Prieux, Passage des Princes. No. 4 is a Bonnet of white tulle, dotted with small pearls, and bordered by a deep fringe of crystal and pearls. Plume of violet feathers. Two sets of strings, one of violet ribbon, the other of blonde enriched with pearls. This bonnet, and No. 9, are by Mme. Maria Boireau, Boulevard Montmatre. No. 5 is a Mousquetaire Hat of grey silk, trimmed with roses and black velvet; designed by Mmes. Brie Et Geoffrin, Rue Richelieu. No. 6 is a Fanchon Bonnet of white spotted tulle, edged at the back by two rows of blonde, and a band of pink silk piped on one edge: at front the edging consists of the pink band only. A group of white roses and a white feather at the top. Strings of white blonde, fastening under the chin by a rose and narrow streamers of pink ribbon. This elegant bonnet, as well as No. 12, are from the Maison Leblanc-Ney, Rue des Martyrs. No. 7 is a Fichu of white muslin, trimmed with blue ribbon and narrow lace, and having in front large lappets, fastening at the neck and edged with broad and narrow lace. It is by Mme. Hadancourt, Boulevard des Capucines. No. 8 is a Sleeve from the Maison Gallois-Gignoux, boulevard de la Madeleine. It is of white muslin, and has a cuff formed of insertion and narrow lace, and trimmed with small bows of rose-colored ribbon. No. 9 is a Bonnet of pink silk, trimmed with roses, buds, and leaves, and grey feathers: strings of pink silk. No. 10 is a Bonnet of blue Areophane, with strings of blue satin to match; it is trimmed with white Marguerites. Round the crown is twisted a scarf of blue tulle, forming streamers at the back. It is from the Maison Prevost Daubigny, Rue Lafitte. No. 11 is Bonnet by Mme. Esther, Rue Richelieu. It is of pink crepe, and has strings of white tulle attached to the bonnet by roses, and fastening under the chin by a rose. It is trimmed all round by a plait of pink silk, and has on the left side a bow of pink ribbon, with floating ends. A single rose in front. No. 12 is a Bonnet of white crepe, dotted with jet beads. It is edged all round by a black lace, and a plait of purple ribbon: large purple velvet flowers are placed at the back, front, and sides. Strings of purple ribbon.

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