Friday, July 13, 2012

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - March 1867 The World of Fashion

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - March 1867 The World of Fashion Description of the Plates of Costumes Fig 1 - Home Costume Dress of Irish poplin, the color pearl-grey: at the bottom of skirt are two openings on each side the front breadth, the corners slanted off, to allow the enbroidered petticoat to be seen; these openings are trimmed round by a lilac silk ruching, which ruching is carried up all the seams to the waist: the top of each opening is finished by a noeud of lilac silk: up the centre of front a row of large silk buttons. Low square body a l Empire and tight sleeves, all trimmed with lilac ruching. Ceinture of lilac ribbon, with pearl or silver clasp. This dress is cut with train, and is the production of Mme. Prost, 51, Rue Lafitte. Fig 2 - Promenade Costume Dress of light claret silk of the Princesse form, with black silk buttons up each seam in their entire length. Casaque of black silk, the skirt very short: ceinture fastening at the back with a bow and long flowing ends, the ceinture edged by a claret piping; buttons of the same color up the front. Tight sleeves with fulling of claret silk at the top, divided by bands of black silk. Hat of white felt or velvet, with black velvet band: rose and bud in the front. This costume is by Mme. Bataillon, Rue Chabarmais. Fig 3 - Promenade Costume Jupon of white flannel striped with grey: at equal distances round the bottom are revers of blue Cashmere, placed two and two, the top points joined by a small black velvet ornament, the same ornament repeated at the corner of each revers; the revers are bordered by a narrow black velvet: the spaces between the revers are filled by white Cashmere, with ornament of black velvet. Dress of Havanna silk, laid in small plaits at the back forming evantail or fan: larger plaits at the sides. The bottom is finished by a bias band of blue silk. Loose Paletot of the same silk, having openings at the back and sides: at each opening three large blue buttons, and buttonholes worked with blue silk. The Paletot has a band of blue silk entirely round it. Tight, shaped sleeve, with opening at the outer seam, ornamented by three buttons; a band of blue silk round the armhole. Fanchon bonnet of black lace ornamented by jet fringe: a bow with long ends under the fanchon. This costume is from the Maison Paris, Boulevard des Capucines.

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