Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fashion Plate - February 1875 Peterson's Magazine


Fig 1 - House-Dress - The Petticoat is of dark-blue silk, trimmed with several narrow, plain ruffles. The sleeves are made of the same material, puffed below the elbow, and finished with a deep, close cuff. The over-skirt and sleeveless jacket are of light-blue cashmere, trimmed with a band of brown ostrich feathers.

Fig 2 - Carriage-Dress of Delicate Apple-Green Silk - The single skirt is made with a demi-train, plain at the back, but with a deep plaited ruffle, headed by shell plaitings at the sides and in front. The mantilla is of black silk, richly embroidered in the upper part, and trimmed with a profusion of black lace. Black velvet bonnet, with long, green ostrich plume and green ribbon.

Fig 3 - Carriage-Dress of Rich Fawn Color - The under-skirt is short, and trimmed with a broad bias band of chestnut-brown silk. The sleeveless Polonaise has a rounded apron-front, trimmed with a narrow ruffle of chestnut-brown silk, and a long train at the back, untrimmed. Sleeves and standing ruffle of the brown silk. Bonnet of white tulle, trimmed with roses and brown leaves.

Fig 4 - Carriage-Dress of Emerald-Green Velvet - The front of the skirt is trimmed with a deep plaiting at the top, and a ruffle at the bottom. The back of the skirt is made with a train, and, like the body and sleeves, is trimmed with a band of fur, much wider on the skirt than on the waist and sleeves. Hat of green velvet.

Fig 4 - Walking-Dress of Pinkish-Gray Poplin - The under-skirt is trimmed with two deep, plain ruffles. The upper-skirt is trimmed with one narrower ruffle, with a quilling above it, and is looped up high on the hips. Jacket of black silk, turned very much back from the front. Black velvet hat, with a plume the color of the dress.

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