Monday, February 14, 2011

January 1875 Peterson's Magazine - Children's Fashions

Fig 1 - Dress of rose-colored cashmere for a little firl. The back of the skirt is trimmed with three ruffles. The front is a plain apron front, trimmed down the sides and across the bottom with bias bands of the cashmere. The waist is round, with puffed sleeves and a berthe. Sash of rose-colored silk, and a rose-colored ribbon in the hair.

Fig 2 - Young girl's dress of gray camel's hair. The petticoat is of gray camel's hair, with narrow lines of blue in it, and is made quite plain. The upper-skirt is of plain gray camel's hair, simply looped back. The basque is of the plain material, with blue buttons. The collar is of blue velvet, as well as the cording and bows on the cuffs. Hat of gray felt, trimmed with pink roses.

Fig 3 - Boy's costume of brown kerseymere. The trousers are rather loose, and fasten below the knee. The jacket and waistcoat are of kerseymere, the jacket fitting rather loosely. Red neck-tye and stockings.

Figs 4 and 5 - Jacket, trousers, and over-coat for a young lad. All are made of navy-blue cloth, and finished with black military braid.

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