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Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - June 1889 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - June 1889 Peterson's Magazine
Dress for Country, in Turkey-Red Twill and Red-Striped Woolen on a Cream Ground. The plain skirt is of the striped woolen, made on the cross way; waistcoat and large collar and cuffs to correspond. Bodice and overdress of the red twill. The collar may be cut either square or pointed at the back.

Fishing, Mountain, or Walking Dress, in Scotch Check Tweed. The Norfolk jacket has plaits from each shoulder, and the waistband fastens with a leather or oxydized buckle. The skirt is kilted without a foundation.
Traveling-Dress, of Blue Serge. The skirt falls in straight folds at the back; the front is slihly draped. The pointed bodice opens over a plastron of striped blue and cream-colored jersey-cloth, and has a broad collar and revers. Hat of straw, faced with blue silk and trimmed with loops of cream-colored mull.

Walking-Dress, of Black or Self-Colored Cashmere or Surah. The underskirt and vest are laid in plaits. The redingote opens from the throat downward and the bodice is crossed by bands and bows of moire or satin ribbon. The same ribbon ties at the waist and ornaments the short elbow-sleeves. Hat of straw, trimmed with loops of ribbon matching the costume. A long scarf veil is worn with the hat, either in lace or gauze.


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