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Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - February 1883 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - February 1883 Peterson's Magazine
House-Dress, of Bege-Cloth. The skirt is kilted nearly to the waist, and the full round tunic, which is also of bege-cloth, is machine-stitched. The bodice is of dark-blue cloth, and the basque is cut out as battlements, and is ornamented with braid, which is continued down the front, at each side of the buttons.
Walking-Dress, of Dark-Green Cashmere. The skirt is laid in box-plaits in front, and in kilt-plaits at the side and back. The round tunic is full and short, and simply draped at the back. The coat=basque is close-fitting, and is buttoned down the front with old silver buttons. Bonnet of mastic-colored felt, with crown, with dark-green plush front. A bunch of dark-green feathers and a silver buckle ornament it. Visiting-Dress, of Terra-Cotta Colored Ottoman Silk, and dark-claret velvet, with terra cotta polka-dots. The bottom of the skirt has a flounce of the Ottoman silk, laid in side-plaits, with bands of the claret-colored velvet alternating with the silk plaits. The bottom of the velvet skirt is cut in deep vandykes. The Ottoman-silk scarf is draped quite low in front, is caught up at the sides by a band of velvet, and falls at the back, where it is turned up and draped. This Ottoman-silk scarf is placed so as to show the upper part of the velvet skirt, and does not reach to the waist. The bodice is pointed at the back, and has a vest of the velvet. The cuffs and narrow collar are also of velvet. Folds of the silk are laid fichu-fashion about the shoulders. Bonnet of claret-colored plush, with terra-cotta colored feathers.
House-Dress, of Dark-Crimson Silk and Black Satin. The underskirt is of the satin, edged with a narrow knife-plaiting. The scant ruffles of black satin are covered with black Spanish lace flowers. The crimson overdress is long in the front, falls square at the back, and id draped high on the side, with a gold buckle. The bodice has a long point, with gathered plastron in front, and the collar and cuffs are of black lace. House-Dress, of Almond-Colored Camel's Hair and Seal-Brown Velvet. The skirt consists of alternate box-plaits and kiltings of the two materials. The double tablier is trimmed with velvet. The bodice is in the redingote style, with long coat-ends at the back, where it falls in wide plaits, and has square tabs in front. This is also trimmed with seal-brown velvet, and the buttons are of velvet.

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