Monday, May 28, 2012

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - December 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - December 1880 Peterson's Magazine Fashions for December Figure 1 -Carriage or Visiting Dress of Dark Red Silk. The front has a deep kilted ruffle, with a short train at the back. A plaited drapery, trimmed with embroidery, and edged with fringe, extends from the sides, and falls low in front. The deep basque jacket is made of the silk and a cashmere, richly brocaded in bluish gray and brownish red colors. A shirring of the silk, trimmed with fringe, is on the sides of the jacket. The upper part, about the shoulders and bust, is made to look as if it was a short jacket worn over the other, and is trimmed with fringe. bonnet of bluish gray plush, lined with dark red plush, and trimmed with a bird and long plume. Figure 2-Skating Costume of Dark Blue Ribbed Plush. The bottom of the skirt is kilt plaited, the upper part arranged in scarf drapery. The jacket is long, double breasted, and close fitting, with collar, cuffs and muff of black fox fur. Dark blue plush hat. Figure 3-Skating Dress of Emerald Green Velveteen. The flounce is kilt plaited. The long polonaise overdress is trimmed with a band of beaver fur. is of green velveteen, with a band of fur. Figure 4-Boy's Suit of Black Velveteen. The over jacket and cap are trimmed with gray Astrakan. Figure 5-Walking Dress of Brown Habit Cloth. The back is slightly draped. The front has a simulated overdress, which, as well as the bottom, is trimmed with a broad band of dark brown velvet. Close fitting jacket, with pockets, collar and cuffs of brown velvet. Brown velvet toque, with a bright colored wing. Figure 6-Carriage or Visiting Dress of Brown Silk. The bottom of the train is edged with two narrow knife-plaited ruffles. The upper drapery has a wider knife-plaiting, and the front is covered with knife-plaited ruffles. The dolman shaped cloak is of brown cloth, trimmed down the back with a rich gimp, and around the collar, bottom, and wide, square sleeves, with brown fur. Long loops of ribbon also ornament the cloak. Dark brown velvet bonnet, with short, curling plumes.

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