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Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - February 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - February 1880 Peterson's Magazine
Visiting or House-Dress of Black Brocaded Silk. The skirt has a very short train, and is edged with two narrow knife-plaited ruffles of black satin; above them there is a wide, satin, puffed trimming. The brocaded silk is a good deal wrinkled crassiore, and is drawn back under the full paniers, which are edged with a black silk fringe; the shirred waist is princess shape at the back (of which the paniers are a continuation), and is made full in front, and with a very long point. Dark red plush bonnet, with red and black plumes. House or Walking-Dress of Dark, Peacock-Blue Camel's Hair. The under-skirt and flounces at the bottom are of peacock-blue silk; the over-dress which opens over the blue silk skirt is of the camel's hair, and is loosely draped at the back. The silk under-skirt and the over-dress are trimmed with bands of peacock-blue silk-striped velvet. The over-dress has a fringe to correspond in color. The coat basque is made with few seams (a good style for slight figures); is slightly gathered at the bottom of the side seams, and is edged with the striped silk and velvet material. A collar to correspond.
Walking-Dress of Brown Camel's Hair. The bottom is trimmed with a deep, box-plaited flounce, which falls from beneath the skirt cut in deep points trimmed with braid. The deep paletot is of brown cashmere, figured in dull but rich colors, which give it a very oriental effect. The paletot is double-breasted. Dark brown plush hat with feathers of a lighter shade. Young Girl's Walking-Dress of Gray Cashmere. The deep kilt-plaited skirt has under it a narrow knife-plaited ruffle of cashmere. The dolman cloak is of heavy, gray cloth, and the sleeves and collar are edged with fringe; gray beaver bonnet trimmed with gray satin ribbon.

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