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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - August 1889 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - August 1889 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for August

Fig 1 - An Afternoon Visiting-Gown, of Changeable Surah and Figured China Silk. The figured material has Pompadour designs upon a cream-white ground; the surah is a golden-brown and green, giving a bronze effect, which makes a charming combination. The front of the skirt has a deep flounce, which is done by making a tuck two inches deep; when drawn up, it forms the frill; the fullness above is gathered into the waist. The overdress falls in straight folds. The full bodice has fine tucks forming a yoke; under the belt, is a knife-plaited ruffle all around the waist. The full puffed sleeves are gathered into a pointed piece at the elbow, finished by a fall of lace. Narrow collar with frill of lace, finished with a bow at the side. Poke hat of ecru straw, trimmed with brown and green flowers and leaves.

Fig 2 - A Garden-Party Gown, of Figured Red China Silk. The foundation-skirt of this costume is faced with the silk. A side-panel of flouncing-lace is mounted upon this foundation. The polonaise is cut in one, opening at the side to display the lace panel. The waist forms a V-front, opening over a lace vest, which is finished at the throat by a plaited ruffle of lace. The full sleeves have deep plaited lace cuffs. Small capote of lace, trimmed with red ribbon and flowers with foliage. Lace parasol.

Fig 3 - A Walking-Costume, of Blue Nun's-Veiling. The underskirt is bordered with a passementerie of a lighter shade; the same trims the cuffs of sleeves and edges the front and back of yoke. The overskirt has a long Grecian front, and the back may either hang in straight folds or be slightly draped. A belt and sash are added, the latter lined with a lighter shade of blue. Wide knife-plaited ruffles finish the sleeve from shoulder to elbow; the same for the neck. A large hat, of crepe or tulle to match, is trimmed with loops of wide blue ribbon intermixed with field-daisies.

Fig 4 - Reception-Dress, of Black Dotted Lace over a slip of amber-colored surah. The straight round skirt of the lace is bordered with five rows of narrow black satin ribbon. It is looped at the sides, to form paniers at the hips, and again falls plain in the centre of the back. The waist is V-shape, both back and front, the lace being fulled over the silk lining. Full puffed sleeves, finished by a band bordered with three rows of ribbon corresponding with the skirt. Long tan Suede gloves and black lace fan complete this costume.

Fig 5 - Visiting-Dress, of Plain and Figured Challis, cream-white, with pink roses on the figured material. The underskirt, of plain cream-white, is accordeon-plaited all around. The over-polonaise forms two long pointed tabs in front, edged with a knife-plaiting of the plain. The same edges the fronts of the bodice, where it opens over the full vest of poppy-red surah. A plaited ruffle of the same finishes the neck. A belt and long loops and ends of ribbon to match ties at the left side. The full sleeves are ornamented by tiny bows of the same, and a plaited ruffle finishes the sleeve at the elbow. Hat of red tulle or crepe to match, trimmed with poppies and leaves.

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