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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - January 1883 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - January 1883 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for January

Fig 1 - Reception-dress, of dark-blue satin and brocade. The front of the skirt is of plain blue satin, the train and bodice of brocade of the same shade. Over the skirt of the dress a white lace shawl is draped in a point, low down in front, and the ends are arranged in a puff at the back. The square-neck bodice and the elbow sleeves are trimmed with lace to correspond with the drapery on the skirt. The neck of the bodice is filled in with soft tulle.

Fig 2 - Evening-dress, of primrose-colored silk. The front of the skirt has three narrow knife-plaitings around the bottom, and is covered with a new lace front studded with loops of pearl beads. The train is quite plain, is drawn away from the front, panier-fashion, and ornamented with large bows and puffs of broad satin ribbon of the color of the dress. The bodice is low in the neck, and is pointed back and front. A narrow lace bertha with a pink rose on the left shoulder, finishes the bodice.

Fig 3 - Evening-dress, of peach-blossom colored silk. The front, as well as the train, is trimmed with a wide silk fringe of the color of the dress, mixed with black chenille fringe. The sides are ornamented with black Spanish lace, drawn together with long loops and ends of pink satin ribbon; this lace extends up the side-body, but does not cover the back of the dress. The bodice is low and square, back and front; but high on the shoulders, and is trimmed with a full ruching of narrow Spanish lace, caught together with knots of pink satin. The front and back of the bodice are filled in with white tulle ruchings.

Fig 4 - Reception-dress, of crimson velvet and yellow brocade. The train is trimmed with white lace and narrow ruchings of yellow satin and red velvet. The front of the skirt is composed entirely of the yellow brocade, which is cut in turrets at the bottom to show fan-plaitings of yelow satin. The bottom is ornamented with ruchings to correspond with those on the train. High Medici bodice, with long points front and back, the former of which is finished with a cord and tassel. Medici collar and ruff and slashed sleeves, with plain yellow satin showing through.

Fig 5 - Visiting-dress, of black velvet. The short skirt is trimmed with a flounce of velvet, beaded by two scant puffings of the same. The front has a scarf-drapery, low down, of brocaded velvet. The overdress is cut in points at the sides, and puffed at the back, and has cord and tassels tied in front, and gimp ornaments on the points at the sides. The cuffs, cape, and pocket are of the brocaded velvet. Gray beaver hat, trimmed with black plumes.

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