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Late Victorian Era Children's Fashions - February 1870 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Children's Fashions - February 1870 Peterson's Magazine

Children's Fashions

Fig 1 - Dress of gay tartan plaid for a little boy - The skirt is plaited very full, and trimmed down the front with black velvet buttons. Short, black velvet jacket, with wide sailor collar.

Fig 2 - Dress of blue poplin for a little boy - It is made with an apron front, trimmed with fringe and buttons.

Fig 3 - Dress of brown poplin for a young girl - The lower-skirt is trimmed with one fluted flounce. The upper-skirt is made with an apron front; the back part of the skirt is fulled into the front, and is made quite long, so as to loop up gracefully. It is trimmed with a fluted ruffle. The body has a deep, pointed cape, narrow on the shoulder, and trimmed with a narrow ruffle. Hat of brown felt, ornamented with a pink rose.

Fig 4 - Little girl's dress of blue silk, trimmed with one deep ruffle. Cloak of gray cloth, with a deep, round cape, trimmed with a row of black velvet on the edge, and two rows of black braid, the inside row being put on in a small pattern. Gray felt hat, with a long gray veil attached to the back worn carelessly twisted round the throat.

Fig 5 - Dress of gray poplin, trimmed with three flounces, for a little girl - White cloth sacque, trimmed with a band of blue silk and fringe, and with four rosettes of blue silk down the back, and two on each arm. White felt hat, with blue plume.

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