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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - December 1889 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - December 1889 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for December

Fig 1 - Walking-Costume, of Brown Cloth. The skirt is gathered to the round waist and trimmed down each side and around the bottom with a band of otter-fur. The close-fitting round bodice is double-breasted and fastens with large buttons. Very large otter0fur collar and deep cuffs. Bonnet of green velvet, trimmed with rich brown feathers.

Fig 2 - Visiting-Dress, of Black Silk Combined with Dark-Red Silk. The skirt is full at the back and is laid in a double box-plait down the front. The side-panels, of the red silk, are trimmed with crosswise bands of wide jet fringe. The high bodice opens over a red vest and is ornamented with a jet trimming. The collar and the cuffs on the three-quarter high-shouldered sleeves are of red silk. Fancy toque, formed of gold lace, with red berries interspersed here and there.

Fig 3 - Visiting-Dress, of Blue Camel's Hair. The underskirt is plain, except where it is braided at the side. The overskirt is long in front and back, shorter at sides, and is braided at the sides with black braid. The pointed waist and collar are braided to correspond. Directoire bonnet of black velvet, trimmed with black feathers and a bow of red ribbon.

Fig 4 - Wrap, of Grayish-Blue Woolen, with a woven pattern down the front. It is trimmed with a large pelisse collar-and-ends of long white fur, which is fastened below the waist with a heavy cord. Bonnet of grayish-blue cloth, trimmed with black velvet and wide velvet bow-strings.

Fig 5 - Walking-Dress, of Stone-Colored Cloth. The skirt is irregularly draped and is trimmed around the bottom and sides with a band of beaver-fur. Deep cuirass-jacket, braided front and back. Collar and cuffs of beaver-fur. Small toque, of the same cloth as the dress.

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