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Late Victorian Era Children's Fashions - March 1866 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Children's Fashions - March 1866 Peterson's Magazine

Children's Fashions

Fig 1 - A Dress of White Mohair - The skirt trimmed with three bands, cut bias, of graduated widths. The basque made of the same material as the skirt, trimmed with rows of buttons, lapels in front, cords and tassels on the shoulders and pockets. Hat trimmed with blue velvet, with boots to match.

Fig 2 - A Dres of Crimson Cashmere, made Gabrielle, trimmed with black velvet, laid on straight, and then cut in scollop at the top, the front edged with velvet ribbon, box-pleated, and a row of velvet buttons. Black velvet hat, with white gauze veil.

Fig 3 - Dress for a Boy of Six Years Old - Sack, Knickerbockers, and hat of black cloth. The sack made to come to the knees, edged with white or light plush; round collar, with lapels; sleeves and pockets trimmed to match. Polish boots.

Fig 4 - A Little Girl's Dress of White Pique, made with two skirts, the under one of which can be made of thinner material, while the over-dress serves for an out-door covering. The pique, or over-dress, is cut slightly Gabrielle, and rounded off in front with scollops, bound with white braid, with a button in each scollop. Ribbon-sash, tied at the left side.

Fig 5 - Suit of Brown - Knickerbockers, vest and jacket to match, trimmed with two rows of alpaca braid, worsted leggings to match. Round hat, with scarlet cock's plume at the side.

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