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Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - September 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - September 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Walking-Dress of Black Cashmere
The skirt has two deep side-plaitings of black silk. The tunic is draped upwards in deep folds the entire length of the front, and the back is caught up loosely in one or two places, is made long, and looped over carelessly at the bottom. The cape mantle is of the cashmere, draped at the back as well as on the chest, and is trimmed with a deep silk fringe, loops and long ends of ribbon, and a quilling of black lace around the neck. The round, black straw hat is trimmed with black surah silk and an old gold feather.

House-Dress of Cream-colored French Bunting
The lower part of the skirt is made of many tucks, about an inch and a half wide, and is finished at the bottom by a narrow knife-plaiting of the bunting. A shirred panel of bunting is also placed up the left side of the skirt. The upper part of the skirt is very much draped at the sides, and has a shawl point in front, and is looped rather high at the back. Small paniers pass from under the cuirass waist, and form drapery at the back. The close-fitting waist has a fichu collar, which is trimmed with Lanquedoc lace.

Ulster of Gray Cloth
with dolman-shaped sleeves. It is double-breasted, and the collar and sleeves are finished by several rows of machine stitching.

Walking-Dress of Chestnut-Brown
camel's hair and silk. The petticoat is of silk, with a deep side-plaited flounce. The over-dress is of camel's hair, turned up short in front (milk-maid style), and gracefully draped in the back. The coat is of chestnut-brown silk and wool material, with a small Oriental pattern over it. The collar and under-cuffs are of the silk like the skirt. Yellow straw bonnet, trimmed with one large red rose and red strings.

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