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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - October 1875 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - October 1875 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for October

Fig 1 - Carriage-Dress of Violet Velvet - Underdress has one deep flounce. The over-dress falls low on the right side, and is looped up high on the left, and is trimmed with a broad band of fur. The waist opens on the left side, and with the sleeves and velvet muff, is also trimmed with fur. Purple velvet bonnet.

Fig 2 - Walking-Dress of Gray-Green Camel's Hair - Long cloak of gray-green cloth, with very large sleeves, trimmed with fur. Green velvet bonnet.

Fig 3 - Carriage-Dress of Black Metalisse - The skirt is long and plain. Over-dress of black velvet, open in front, long at the sides, and slightly looped up at the back. The waist also has a black metalisse vest. Coat-sleeves with very deep cuffs. Blacj velvet hat, trimmed with black feathers, and a black velvet bow.

Fig 4 - Reception-Dress of Black Velvet and Poppy-Colored Silk - The entire front of the dress, except a vest-shaped piece on the body, is of black velvet; the vest-shaped piece is of poppy-colored silk. The black velvet is put on in vandykes around the bottom of the poppy-colored skirt. Bands of black velvet also cross the skirt, holding it up in loose puffs. Large black velvet bow at the end of the upper band. The violin back of poppy-colored silk is trimmed with small bows of black velvet. Sleeves of black velvet with poppy-colored puff at the elbow.

Fig 5 - Walking-Dress - The skirt is of fawn-colored silk. The back is rather long, and laid in flat plaits, down the middle of which are rows of large buttons, and falls over a deep plaited ruffle. The front is trimmed to the top with narrow plaited ruffles. The over-dress is of light nut-brown camel's-hair, open in front, trimmed with a ruffle on each side; it is looped up in complicated folds at the back. Fawn-colored felt hat, trimmed with velvet the color of the dress.

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