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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - September 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - September 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Fig 1 - House-dress of blue and black striped foulard. The short skirt, trimmed with three plaited ruffles. The tunic is aproned-shape in front. The deep, round basque-bodice opens in front over a white cashmere vest, is trimmed with plaitings of silk, and edged with white Breton lace.

Fig 2 - Visiting-dress of black camel's hair. The under-skirt is edged with a narrow box-plaited ruffle, faced with poppy-colored silk. The over-dress crosses shawl-wise in front, and is looped at the back, and trimmed with poppy-red bows. The basque is laid in deep plaits on either side of the front, and has a poppy-colored silk vest. The sleeves are also trimmed with poppy-colored silk. Black straw hat, trimmed with a black wing and plume, and lined with gathered poppy-colored silk.

Fig 3 - Evening-dress of ivory-white silk. The long train is trimmed with a knife-plaiting of the silk, headed by a band of gold lace. The front of the skirt is slightly full and drawn far back. The close-fitting basque-waist has small paniers at the sides, and Lambrequin drapery at the back; and the whole is trimmed with bands of embroidery, gold lace, and pink and green satin ribbons.

Fig 4 - Reception or evening-dress of mulberry-colored silk. The bottom of the dress and train is trimmed with narrow knife-plaited ruffles, white lace and Oriental brocaded satin. The coat-basque is also made of the brocaded satin. The front of the basque is open, and trimmed with narrow white lace; and the front of the skirt is also trimmed with white lace, of the same width as that on the bottom of the dress.

Fig 5 - Walking-dress of dark stone-colored silk, striped with a darker shade of satin. The front is formed of three plain skirts. The back is draped of plain silk of the same color, which also forms a side trimming. The coat-basque is of figured material, of the color of the skirt, composed of silk and cashmere. White straw bonnet, lined and trimmed with dark red ribbon.

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