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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - December 1883 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - December 1883 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for December

Fig 1 - Visiting-Dress, of dark smoke-blue silk. The bottom of the skirt is trimmed with four narrow knife-plaited ruffles; the front is ornamented with an arabesque applique of velvet. The tunic, which opens in front, has a narrower trimming of the same kind. The mantle is of chocolate-colored brocade and plain velvet, the back and front being of the velvet, and the sides and full sleeves of the brocade. The brocade is cut in points, and beneath these falls a trimming of colored lace. Bonnet of chocolate-colored velvet, trimmed with smoke-blue feathers and aigrette.

Fig 2 - Evening-Dress, of mauve-colored silk, with Oriental striped overdress. The short skirt is made with a very narrow knife-plaiting and three box-plaited ruffles; above the latter is a wide full shell quilling. The Princess overdress is of rich Oriental striped silk, made with paniers, and looped drapery at the back. The bertha and sleeves are of white crepe-lisse; mauve silk box on the shoulder, and long mauve feather in the hair.

Fig 3 - House-Dress, of myrtle green camel's-hair and velvet. The skirt has a narrow knife-plaiting at the bottom; above this, clusters of fluted plaits alternate with wide bands of velvet. The tunic is very much gathered in front, and looped at the back, so as to form a large tournure. The waist and sleeves are plain, and trimmed with velvet bows, fastened with steel buckles.

Fig 4 - Walking-Dress, of dark blue-gray cloth. Above the narrow knife-plaiting at the bottom is a band of beaver-fur. The front of the dress is of velvet of a darker shade than the cloth, and is arranged in loose puffs. The Princess overdress is trimmed down the front with a row of beaver on either side, and it has a beaver-fur collar and cuffs. The scarf-drapery is of the velvet, and brandebourgs fasten the dress together. Hat of blue-gray felt, with feathers to match.

Fig 5 - Evening-Dress, of fine Nun's-Veiling. The skirt is of light-blue, agthered to the foundation, so as to fall in a loose puff above the ruffles. The bottom is trimmed with alternate ruffles of blue and white nun's-veiling, and above the upper one of blue is a full fall of imitation Mechlin lace. The overdress is of white nun's-veiling, made Princess-shape, opening in front, and forming pointed paniers at the side, and draped slightly in the back. The whole is trimmed with the imitation Mechlin lace and blue ribbon.

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