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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - July 1875 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - July 1875 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for July

Fig 1 - Afternoon-Dress of white muslin over pink silk or pink lawn - Plain skirt edged with embroidery. The tunic is of white muslin, with an apron-front made of rows of embroidery put on as ruffles, and fastened back under the pouf with a sash of pink ribbon. The body is trimmed with embroidery, and the sleeves puffed lengthwise with rich insertion between the puffs.

Fig 2 - House-dress of gray mohair - The skirt is made with three plain ruffles, the upper one headed by a row of black velvet. The skirt clings closely in front, and has a small pouf behind from under which fall the wide ends of the bretelles. These bretelles are made of black velvet, edged with guipure lace, both the velvet and lace on the waist being narrow. A black velvet waistband and cuff on the sleeves completes this elegant toilet.

Fig 3 - Carriage-dress of foulard silk - The underskirt is of a pinkish mauve, the skirt at the back plain, whilst the front has four rather wide ruffles of pink mauve and blue lilac, alternately. The over-dress is of the bluish lilac tint, and has two rows of piping around the skirt at the back. The waist and sleeves are plain. The Marie Antoinette fichu is made of the bluish lilac, trimmed with Duchess lace, headed by bands of the mauve. It is long in front, with square ends, and is held down to the waist at the back by loops and ends of the two colors of the silk. Duchess lace falls over the hands. The hat is of the Trainon shape, trimmed with ribbons of the two colors of the dress.

Fig 4 - Morning-dress of white muslin over pink lawn - The lawn has one deep flounce of white around the bottom. The white over-dress reaches to this flounce, and is trimmed with full knots of pink ribbon.

Fig 5 - Walking or traveling-dress of ecru de bege, headed by a brown mohair braid, and the jacket has brown buttons. Brown straw hat, trimmed with brown velvet and ecru-colored feathers.

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