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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - October 1870 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - October 1870 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for October

Fig 1 - Walking-Dress of Green Silk, made rather long, and worn over a plain black silk petticoat; the green skirt has one deep flounce scalloped at the bottom, and trimmed with a heading of scallops on each side, and put on with a bias band of black silk. Black silk tunic, open in front and very much puffed: basque of black silk, very much pointed back and front, and trimmed with deep black lace. This basque is open in front over the green, high waist, and has close coat-sleeves, trimmed with lace. Black velvet bonnet, with green plumes.

Fig 2 - Evening-Dress of Corn-Colored Silk - The skirt is perfectly plain; over it is worn a very thin white muslin over-skirt, open at the sides to the waist; this skirt is trimmed with white blond, and is quite long in front; at the back it is looped up with a large bow and ends of the silk. Low silk waist, with a white over-waist, trimmed with blond. Wreath of violets on the head.

Fig 3 - Walking-Dress of Purple Poplin - The skirt has one deep flounce put on in full plaits; this is headed by a plaiting of the poplin, put on above a band of black velvet, having a bias band of the poplin on each side; tunic of the poplin open and short in front, cut up at the sides, deep at the back, and trimmed with a plaiting of the poplin. Waistband of black velvet, with bows and ends composed of black velvet and poplin. The body opens in front, and has a collar of black velvet.

Fig 4 - House-Dress of Pearl-Colored Crepe - The skirt is long and quite plain; a broad scarf of crepe, trimmed with fringe at the ends, passes around the waist, crosses on the right hip, and is tied in a large bow low down on the left side; the waist is plain and open in front, trimmed with fringe, and is worn over a white chemisette, with a lace ruffle. Rather long and close sleeves.

Fig 5 - House or Walking-Dress of Gray Pongee - The skirt is cut in deep scallops at the bottom and bound with black, but has no other trimming; the small apron-shaped upper-skirt is scalloped in the same way, and has a ruffle of deep black lace set under the edge, and is tied in a large bow at the back. Close, high waist, worn under a round jacket, trimmed like the upper-skirt. Bow of poppy-colored ribbon in the hair.

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