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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - December 1875 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - December 1875 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for December

Fig 1 - Walking-Dress of Smoke-Gray Vicugna Cloth. The under-skirt is of silk of the same color, trimmed with one rather deep flounce, with a puffing above it. The upper-skirt is open at the left side, rather long in front, and laid in diagonal plaits from the right side to the left, and trimmed with rows of mohair braid of the color of the dress. Coat-sleeves, with wide, flaring cuffs. Sleeveless cloth jacket of brown beaver cloth, with velvet collar and lappels, and trimmed with rows of brown velvet. Smoke-gray felt hat, with heron's plume.

Fig 2 - Walking-Dress. The petticoat is of forest-green velveteen: the upper-skirt of cashmere of the same color as the petticoat, with sleeves, collar, and basque to the waist, of the green velveteen. Bonnet of forest-green velvet, trimmed with grayish-white feathers, and a pink rose under the brim at the back.

Fig 3 - Carriage-Dress of Violet-Colored Velvet. The under-dress is long and plain; the upper one is a long, unlooped Polonaise, trimmed with a band of chinchilla fur, and bows of violet ribbon. The large pocket is also trimmed in the same way. Bonnet of violet velvet, trimmed with gray feathers.

Fig 4 - Skating-Dress of Very Dark-Green Camel's Hair. Lower-skirt plain. Upper-skirt and Hungarian jacket, trimmed with a band of fur. Close-fitting basque, trimmed with a cord and buttons, in the Hungarian style. Cap of dark-green velvet, with a fur front, and trimmed with a white, stiff feather.

Fig 5 - Walking-Dress of Brown Silk. Back of the skirt plain; straight side pieces, trimmed with black velvet bows. Two flounces on the front, trimmed with a shell quilling of black velvet. Dolman of heavy, gray cloth, trimmed with black velvet and black gimp ornaments. Black velvet bonnet, with brown plume.

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