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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - February 1876 Domestic Monthly

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - February 1876 Domestic Monthly

Description of Plate

Reception Toilette - The beautiful toilette exhibited upon the plate for this month represents a style of dress which is admirable either as a dinner or a reception costume, its graceful draperies and showy trimmings being equally acceptable in light or dark materials. The skirt is already familiar as a design well suited to toilettes exhibiting two varieties of trimming, as the front-breadth is without fullness, while the back-breadth is disposed in triple box-pleats, held in place by invisible tapes. A garniture of fine side-pleating is seen upon the hem of the skirt here given, and a second similar trimming forms a deep crescent above. At the sides a graduated side-pleating, simulating a detached train, is added, extending around the foot of the box-pleated back-breadth, which exhibits a further ornamentation of large bows and flowers. The over-skirt contributes such a harmonious effect to its accessories of basque and skirt. This model, showing a broad apron-front sharply caught up at the sides, is exhibited in part only, the front being distinguished by three crescent-shaped garnitures of side-pleating, other portions of the model being lost in the overhanging drapery of the pleated back-breadth described above. The easy, wrinkled effect, considered so desirable at present, is gracefully retained in the apron here exhibited, and the design proves one of the most desirable accompaniments to a toilette of the character illustrated. The perfection of a well-modeled cuirasse basque is also seen in this figure, its well-extended skirt-portions enveloping the form as closely as is consistent with ease and beauty, while double darts at the front, and side-forms at the back supply the symmetry observed in the waist. A cording of silk completes the basque-outline, while a pleated surplice-collarette is added at the neck. Coat-sleeves appended show a simple trimming of a scant ruffle drooping over the hand, and a puff supplying a heading, which is ornamented with a bow of silk. The sleeve model here given is the first among the new designs which are conspicuous for simplicity, and a style of drapery extremely becoming to the hand. Laces worn with this toilette are Duchesse, inside of which crimped crepe lisse is seen.

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