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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - June 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - June 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for June

Fig 1 - Walking Dress of Figured Batiste. The front skirt is made with lengthwise puffings of plain batiste placed between rows of the figured material. The wide ruffle around the bottom is made in the same way; headed by the knife-plaitings of the plain batiste. The upper part and back of the dress is in the princess style, and is prettily looped and draped at the back. The waist is open in front, and is trimmed with Languedoc lace.

Fig 2 - Boy's Suit of Grey Kerseymere. The trousers are short; and the jacket is cut in a point at the back and braided.

Fig 3 - Carriage or Garden Dress of White Figured Muslin. The short round skirt has ruffle of blue silk placed on it in battlement style. The over-dress is looped up at the back with blue ribbons and is trimmed with a knife-plaited ruffle of Breton lace. It opens over a vest of blue striped silk, and has a shirred trimming of the silk edging the waist. Wide, square collar. Bonnet of blue silk, trimmed with white lilacs.

Fig 4 - Walking Dress of Thin, White Figured Muslin, made over thin, pink cambric. The skirt is laid inkilt-plaitings all around, and is edged with a knife-plaiting. The coat-waist is made very deep, and is slightly caught up in the back; it is edged with white cambric edging turned up on the coat. White chip hat, trimmed with pink ribbon and a long white feather. White muslin parasol made over pink silk.

Fig 5 - House or Garden Dress of Cream-White Figured Foulard. The foulard dress is trimmed with a bias band of almond-colored silk, and is edged with a plaited ruffle Breton lace. Five similar ruffles fill in the lower part of the front of the skirt. The upper part of the dress is made in panier style, and ornamented with lace and a large bow of ribbon. The waist is made with a basque, and has a large directoire collar of the silk, and is trimmed with silk bows and lace. The sleeves correspond.

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