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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - November 1870 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - November 1870 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for November

Fig 1 - Carriage-Dress of Heavy Black Silk - The skirt is not very long, and is trimmed with two rows of black velvet, each of which is placed between two rows of narrow velvet; the upper-skirt is gathered up at the sides and at the back by black velvet bows; the cape, which is also looped up in the back, is trimmed with velvet and guipure lace; pagoda sleeve, also trimmed with lace. Black velvet bonnet, ornamented with lace and a large poppy.

Fig 2 - Wedding-Dress of White Tarletan, made over tarletan petticoats. The skirt is trimmed with one deep and full plaited flounce around the back; this flounce is deeper at the sides, and narrower again in front, where it forms a curve, and has a heading of narrow tarletan, which stands up, and a puffing of tarletan, with orange-blossoms and myrtle, mingled with the puffing. The heading to the flounce extends all around the skirt, but the flower ornament is only in front; a second flounce on the front, made in the same way, surmounts the lower one; a quilling of white ribbon extends from the waist to the lower ruching with flowers. Plain, high waist, made with points back and front, with Louis XIV knots of ribbon. Long sleeves, with full plaited ruffles and ruching above them; very fine tarletan veil, and myrtle and orange-blossoms in the ahir.

Fig 3 - Walking-Dress of Blue Silk - The skirt has one deep flounce gathered and headed by a rose quilling of the silk. Black velvet mantle, almost tight-fitting, made with a basque, which has spring enough to set easily over the large tournure at the back, and cut with long, square tabs in front. The sleeves are large and loose, with a zig-zag lace trimming. Black silk ball-fringe around the basque. Black velvet bonnet, with blue field-flowers in front.

Fig 4 - Carriage-Dress of Claret-Colored Silk - The skirt is long and plain; the upper-skirt is plain also, and is bunched up in one large, soft puff. The black velvet sacque is quite short at the back, reaching only to the waist, with long, square tabs at the side, and shorter and rounded ones in front; the sleeves are wide, and the whole is trimmed with a band of sable fur. Black velvet bonnet, with a dark-red rose in front.

Fig 5 - Traveling-Dress of Dark Pearl-Colored Cashmere - The under-skirt has a band of maroon-colored silk about a quarter of a yard deep around the bottom, headed by a bias band of silk; the upper-skirt is looped up on the hips, buttoned down the front, and trimmed with a bias band of the silk; coat-sleeves with mousquetaire cuffs. Straw hat, trimmed with maroon-colored velvet and black plumes.

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