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Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - Spring/Summer 1898 H. O'Neill & Co. Catalog

Late Victorian Era Ladies' Dresses - Spring/Summer 1898 H. O'Neill & Co. Catalog

No. 132 - Suit of Fancy Organdy, tight fitting bodice waist, boned throughout on separate lining, front three knife plaited ruffles, edged with lace, sleeves and choker to match, belt and collar of satin ribbon, new three gored skirt with deep flounce; price $4.98.

No. 134 - Figured Lappet Suit, front of waist white organdy reveres trimmed with embroidery and insertion, apron front skirt, ruffle at bottom, pink, light blue, lavender, black and white; price $9.98.

No. 136 - Lawn Suit, ruffle edged with embroidery forming yoke, two rows of insertion to waist; price $6.98.

No. 138 - White Pique Eton Suit, waist and skirt trimmed in colored braid, small pearl buttons on waist; price $9.98.

No. 140 - Suit of Dimity, waist trimmed with fichu of lace, ruffles over shoulder and cuffs, skirt three ruffles at top, one at bottom, pink, light blue and lavender; price $19.00.

No. 142 - Figured Lappet Suit, front of white mull, pique collar and cuffs, trimmed with embroidery, deep ruffle on skirt with three bias folds of pique; ribbon, collar and belt, light blue, red and black; price $15.98

No. 144 - White Pique Blazer Suit, jacket trimmed with embroidery and insertion; price $10.00

No. 146 - White Pique Blouse Suit, trimmed with braid ribbon belt and bow, blue, red, navy and black braid; price $13.75.

No. 148 - Fancy Madras Stripe, shirt effect front showing solid color of tucks, reveres swiss edging between, choker to match, belt of satin ribbon, full circular skirt five inch knife plaited ruffle; price $3.98.

No. 150 - Suit of Linen Crash, piped with colored braid; price $7.98.

No. 152 - Two-Pieced Suit, fancy plaid and striped, waist full blouse front, two box plaits in back, full skirt, deep hem; price $1.98.

No. 154 - Suit of Gingham, in checks and stripes, waist with three rows of satin ribbon all round yoke, cuffs and belt, full skirt, six inch, knife plaited ruffle; price $3.25.

No. 156 - Striped Galatea Blazer, with inlaid white pique collar and front, light blue, navy and pink; price $5.98.

No. 158 - Figured Lappet Suit, tucked yoke, fluted ruffles edged with ribbon, lavender, pink, light blue, black and white; price $13.98.

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