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Late Victorian Fashion Plate - February 1870 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Fashion Plate - February 1870 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for February

Fig 1 - Evening Dress of White Crape - The skirt is trimmed down the sides with a ruffle of white blond, put on very full; the sleeves, the little basques in front and at the back and the body, are also trimmed with white blond; the body is high at the back and on the shoulders, but low in front. Sleeves and body are trimmed with pink roses.

Fig 2 - House Dress of Gold-Colored and White Striped Gauze - The under-skirt is trimmed with a ten-inch flounce, not made very full; the upper-skirt is looped at the sides with large gauze bows, and is untrimmed. Jacket of black spotted net, trimmed with black lace.

Fig 3 - Walking Dress of Claret-Colored Poplin - The under-skirt is trimmed with one deep flounce, headed by a plaiting of the same material; the upper-skirt, which is looped up very high at the sides, is quite plain around the edge, but has a pelerine trimming on the front; coat-sleeves.

Fig 4 - Walking Dress of Black Silk - The skirt is trimmed with three black and two white flounces; the paletot has revers turned back on the front, small cat-sleeves, with deep cuffs and revers at the neck, all trimmed with a narrow ruffle of white silk. The paletot opens over a white cashmere body. Small Tyrelean hat.

Fig 5 - Evening Dress of Yellow Satin, with a white tulle over-dress, which is profusely trimmed with a quilling of white tulle. The waist is high on the shoulders and at the back, but open very wide and low in front, where it is filled in with white blond; the waist and upper-skirt are cut in one piece, and the latter is also trimmed with white blond. Yellow tea-rose in the hair.

Fig 6 - Baby's Dress of White Cashemere, trimmed with a narrow quilling of rose-colored ribbon. Metternich cape, confined at the back by large loops of rose-colored ribbon. White felt hat and plume, trimmed with rose-colored ribbon.

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