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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - February 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - February 1880 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for February

Fig 1 - Carriage-dress of wine-colored silk. The train is not very long, and is finished with the narrow knife-plaited ruffles; the front is trimmed at the bottom with a deep box-plaited flounce; cloak of gray beaver cloth, with large square sleeves, trimmed with wide bands of beaver fur; muff to correspond; bonnet of gray felt, trimmed with dark red and gray feathers.

Fig 2 - Visiting-dress of dark-green velvet. The skirt is perfectly plain, but a very narrow plaited muslin ruffle shows from underneath; the long cloak is trimmed with black lace, with a row of jet put between the two rows of lace; bonnet of white plush, trimmed with a long white feather and three small birds.

Fig 3 - Visiting-dress of apricot-colored silk. The skirt is elaborately trimmed with knife-plaited ruffles, edged with Breton lace; across the front the silk is laid in upward folds, and the back has a drapery of the silk, edged with the lace, and ornamented with a trimming of silk, striped with dark red satin, and long bows and ends of red satin; the basque and open neck of the dress is trimmed in the same way. The mantle is of black satin trimmed with black lace and ball fringe; the bonnet is of black satin and velvet combined, and trimmed with black and red feathers and a bunch of green leaves. This dress, without the mantle and hat, makes a beautiful evening or dinner-dress.

Fig 4 - House-dress of black silk. The front is trimmed with five deep, knife-plaited flounces, and one flounce to correspond passes around the bottom of the front and the train. The princess over-dress fastens with bows down the front, has two long-pointed sides, which end with a bow, is gathered up across the hips at the back, where there is a large bow, and the train falls from beneath this; a large collar with black lace standing up in the neck. This dress is very suitable for persons in light mourning.

Fig 5 - Evening-dress of light yellow silk. The front of the skirt is gathered across. The over-dress is of white gauze with a yellow satin stripe, and is worn over the yellow silk; it is turned back from the front, showing the yellow silk lining, and is draped over the yellow train at the back. The gauze dress is open at the neck in front over the yellow silk, which gives it a vast appearance near the neck. The three-quarter-length sleeves are trimmed with silk and lace.

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