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Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - April 1889 Peterson's Magazine

Late Victorian Era Fashion Plate - April 1889 Peterson's Magazine

Fashions for April

Fig 1 - Walking-Dress of eletric-blue bengaline or henrietta-cloth. The petticoat has the front laid in small tucks, from the waist-line down, the centre being about twelve inches, and from that graduated toward either side; this corresponds with the vest. The Directoire coat is cut in one, as seen in the illustration: the front of the bodice being supplied with three large plaits, which are laid to the waist. The back falls straight, with a short butterfly loop over the very small tournure. Collar, cuffs, and pointed waistband are all tucked to match the vest, etc. Hat of straw, faced and trimmed with electric-blue velvet or gros-grain silk. A red bird, with outspread wings, is placed in front, which gives a very stylish effect.

Fig 2 - Walking-Dress of fancy plaid woolens or Scotch zephyr-cloth. The underskirt is laid in wide box-plaits, at the right side and across the back. The overdrapery forms a long point in front, and is looped high on the right side; the left side falls straight, and the back is jaboted to meet the side which is looped. The jacket-bodice opens over a vest of the same; revers, pockets, cuffs, and collar also. Hat of Milan braid, trimmed with standing loops of plaid ribbon.

Fig 3 - Walking-Costume of dark-red figured and plain bengaline, challis, or batiste. The plain skirt is first trimmed with two bands of guipure insertion in white, laid over black moire ribbon of the same width. An edge of the same finished the skirt. Then the skirt is laid in wide side-plaits all around. The bodice, which is of the plain material, has a short point at the back; in front, it is fulled at the waist, opening over a vest of black moire. The revers, of moire, form a deep square collar at the back; collar and edge of bodice trimmed with an edge like the bottom of skirt. A wide black moire sash at the back, consisting of one long loop and two ends, finishes this costume. Hat of gray braid, trimmed with maize-colored surah and a black cock's-feather, is worn with this dress.

Fig 4 - Redingote of goeblin-blue cassimere, combined with coachman's-drab cashmere for the vest, petticoat, and drapery on the front of skirt. The coat is cut all in one, with the fullness at the sides and back put into large plaits. The vest and edge of skirt are braided with a narrow braid in a darker shade, likewise the high collar. The coat fastens in front with a wide silver buckle. Small toque, of black velvet, trimmed with ostrich-tips.

Fig 5 - Walking-Dress of gray and golden-brown plaid summer woolens or gingham. The petticoat is plain, with the front breadth gathered at the waist. The sides are in wide box-plaits and the back slightly looped. The jacket-bodice opens over a full vest of white China crepe or India silk, and is cut away across the front. The sash, of poppy-red ribbon, begins at the right-side seam, crosses, and ends in two long loops with ends at the left side. Collar of red to match. Coat sleeves fulled-in at the shoulders. Hat of straw, trimmed with poppies and leaves.

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