Monday, February 7, 2011

Fashion Plate - May 1875 Peterson's Magazine

Fig 1 - Walking Dress of Havana Brown Silk - The apron-front is much wrinkled, and is edged with two plain ruffles; below this are four other scant ruffles, bound with velvet of a darker shade of brown. A bias band of velvet attaches the front to the back of the skirt, which is also trimmed with two ruffles like those that edge the apron. A square tunic, trimmed with bias velvet and chenille fringe, falls to these ruffles. The basque is much deeper in front than at the back, is open at the sides, and is trimmed with velvet and chenille fringe. Bonnet of brown crepe lisse, trimmed with a white feather and brown ribbon.

Fig 2 - House Dress of Green Silk - The front is trimmed with one deep ruffle, a narrow and a wide flounce of black lace, and bias bands of the silk. The train at the back is in the Directory style, has a puff at the back, and is ornamented with large buttons. The waist is rounded at the back, pointed in front, and open heart-shaped; that with the sleeves is trimmed with black lace.

Fig 3 - House Dress of Pale Stone-Colored Mohair - The skirt is cut, and has a flounce sewn on the lower part, much deeper and fuller at the back than in front, and is headed by a full, wide ruch of violet-colored silk; a second and upper ruch of the violet silk comes quite high on the tournure at the back. The cuirass waist fits over the front and hips, where it is tied back by a broad violet silk sash. Silk of the same color trims the waist and sleeves.

Fig 4 - Walking Dress - The skirt is plain, and of dark blue silk. The over-dress is of bluish-gray de bege, and has a collar, waistband, pockets, and cuffs of the blue silk, and is trimmed down the front with two rows of pearl buttons. Gray felt hat.

Fig 5 - House Dress - The under-skirt is of pink and gray-striped foulard, made without any trimming. The over-dress is of plain gray foulard, cut in points, bound with pink, and finished with a deep fringe. It is made deep in front and at the back, and is draped high up on the right side at the back, and lower down on the left side, with bows and ends of pink ribbon.

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